Winter’s Back! It’s Ski Hat Season

Winter means ski hat season but darn if helmets have put a crimp in resort style. Maybe we shouldn’t sport acrylic (or wool or fleece) on the slopes but that doesn’t mean those fluffy ear coverings can’t radiate your steeze après and beyond.

At this year’s SIA ski industry show in Denver, Colo., hats were front and center. Every soft-goods manufacturer had their own lid offerings.

There are the usual suspects- TurtleFur, Screamer, Smartwool- but I take pride in ‘discovering’ the little guys. First it was Nobis, then Pistil, and now Chaos. Chaos has blown up the last couple of years thanks to some well-placed branding and marketing. And super cute styles; especially from their World Beat collection. The inexpensive, fleece-lined acrylic knit hats in fun, muted colors are ideal for day or night in Park City or any other resort.

But with only one head, how can a girl possibly wear them all?


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