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Mountain Bling Continues

Mountain Bling Continues

By Jill Adler Just because I live and play in the outdoors doesn’t mean I like to bare all. Granted, I’m not the best at accessorizing but when I find something cool, that works with my ‘style’, I’m all over decorating my neck and limbs. I got my first Expression Ring at this year’s Sundance … Continue reading

Cowboy Up For Jackson Hole’s Steeps

Driving up to Teton Village should hold dread. You see the Teton Mountains and the imposing face of the ski resort as you approach. I bet beginners pucker just looking at that area. Jackson Hole is not only huge but steep and loaded with vertical lines. Nearly 4200 vertical of thighroasting feet but unlike at … Continue reading

Jason Mraz Performs at Sundance’s BingBar

Bing Bar, one of the main venues and sponsors of this year’s Sundance Film Festival is at it again. You’re missing out if you’re not flowing them on Twitter (@teambing). It’s unusual that the average Joe can squeak into spots where E!Entertainment is holding court with A-listers, you can get free drinks and cappuccinos but … Continue reading


It’s been two years since my docs at the Huntsman Cancer Center gave me a scoot on the butt and sent me on my merry way. But I come back- every six months. And every six months my reserve is tested. I’m given a mammogram or MRI, then asked to sit in a room. If … Continue reading

Back For More

You’re shitting me, I thought when my routine mammogram turned into two hours of close-ups and an appointment to come in for a biopsy. I wasn’t dreaming and this wasn’t last year’s nightmare. It was a whole new kind of ugly. The good news- Your left breast (the one with a tumor that sucked away … Continue reading