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SheJumps Births Determined Kayakers

PART III We had a pile up heading into the biggest section of whitewater on the McKenzie and I was right on Courtney’s tail. I paddled left to avoid her boat and immediately succumbed to a side wave. I held out underwater for a bit but no one was going to rescue me. I pulled … Continue reading

SheJumps to Bend Oregon

SheJumps to Bend Oregon

PART I I woke up at 10 a.m. today. Don’t act surprised. I’m a night owl. And on top of that I’ve been on a whirlwind kayak binge in Bend, Ore. It was time to crash. I imagine this is what visitors to Park City feel when they go aggro over outdoor rec for three … Continue reading

The Bugs Are Biting

I was molested last night. We crossed from Nevada into Oregon as night draped the horizon. Like on some stage cue, the mosquitos decorated our windshield with a sound similar to raindrops. And Takoda shifted in his crate. He wanted out. I begged Ryan to take him. My allergies had flared and if anyone is … Continue reading