#AlpoDogBiscuits Don’t Last Long In My Home

The bag was on the floor, shredded. It took a mere moment to put the pieces together- literally and figuratively.

Disclaimer:  For the holidays, Purina sent me a doggy treat bag to review for this post. I am not being compensated in any other way and Alpo / Purina is not responsible for the content of this article.

Takoda had ‘pawed up’ onto my dresser, seized the bag of Alpo Wholesome Dog Biscuit treats, ripped it open and inhaled every bone-shaped morsel. The bag was huge and I eyed him reproachfully. How could he have eaten the whole thing?? Bad dog.

I even thought of doing a dog shaming Instagram post but I couldn’t really blame him. If there was a plate of chocolate chip cookies and I knew no consequences of weight gain and sugar buzzes I’d suck them all down as well. We humans supposedly have self-control. Dogs, not so much. Two thoughts hit me; 1) So glad it wasn’t my Christmas chocolates 2) Will he get sick eating that many treats?

According to the bag, the chicken-flavored “Wholesome Biscuits” offer 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition for dogs and come packed with 23 vitamins and minerals. I should have the healthiest dog in town then. I can’t really tell but I can safely say dogs can’t overdose on them. Takoda didn’t miss a beat. I poked his solid tummy and he didn’t flinch. He looked and acted okay.

The treats also help clean teeth and freshen breath. I sniffed. Yep. No nappy dog breath.

Takoda anxiously eyed me. I’m sure he wondered how I was going to respond. I patted him on the head and shrugged, “No more treats for you, Boy.” And, therefore, he got his lesson in food consequences.

And so did I. All bags of dog treats will forever be kept behind closed doors and more than three feet off the ground. I got lucky that Alpo is making gorge-worthy goodies. “Next” time could be a much different story.

Alpo Wholesome Biscuits come in three sizes in a 24 oz. package that runs around $2.69.


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