How to Get a HONDA Extended Warranty

I think it was Dr. Phil who once said – Don’t ever take “No” from a person not in position to say, “Yes”. That’s been my credo ever since and it’s made me a pain in the ass. Like a lockjaw on a pitbull, I dig in and refuse to quit. So many people just don’t have the time and energy to fight but there’s a drive in me that sees the struggle as a challenge or chess game. You have to think several moves ahead, anticipating what your opponent will do and how you plan to counter that.

And so it was today. I’m 4k miles away from being ineligible for an extended warranty on Honda. In other words, at 36k miles I’m SOL. All of the dealerships around here claim the only extended warranty available was through the dealership at $1500-1700 for a bumper-to-bumper, 100k/5year plan. But I wanted a HondaCare warranty. I trust Honda. I don’t trust dealers. No one wanted to help.

I called HondaCare and they said that even if the dealer offers their own they can still sell me Honda’s plan. There is no policy or rule against it. Why couldn’t I just buy it straight from them? Honda said as much as they would like to work with individual consumers, I would have to use the dealer to complete the sale.

I called around Utah to inquire and no one called me back. The miles were ticking away. I finally talked with a service manager instead of finance at Larry H. Miller in Murray and he personally looked into it and made the finance dept. guy call me. We played phonetag. I drove over there and walked right into his office. It was go time.

He told me that they are only authorized to sell LHM contracts. He didn’t even know how to do something through Honda. I said that it would be the perfect time to learn and gave him the phone number for HondaCare. He said it would be up to the general manager. He makes the rules. I said, great, let’s go talk to him. At this point he knew I wasn’t giving up.

He got up, left the cubicle and visions of a horrible buying experience at Ensign/Young Honda in Logan danced through my head. Had that dealership not screwed me over so royally at the time of sale, I wouldn’t be in the position of needing to repurchase an extended warranty. Ten minutes later he was back and saying that my approval was pending and I’m all set. An hour later I was the proud owner of a 100k/6 year bumper-to-bumper plan backed by Honda and valid anywhere in the US…for $1300.


Thank you, Dr. Phil!


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