Flagstaff, Arizona, Welcomes Kahtoola Media

Drinks at 6:30. Boy does that sound awesome.

It was one of those weeks where I couldn’t tell what day it was, what I had to do and when I had to do it. Monday? When was that? I think I ran errands and hung out on my computer; studying for my mediation trial and prepping for Julie-Anne’s short film to come on Tuesday. I had so much to do before my trip to Flagstaff today. Including finding someone to get Sage to school tomorrow and – because she has no school on Friday- someone to watch her all day. Everything was lined up and good to go. I zipped to SLC for a Discovery Channel audition and then straight to the airport. Screw Diamond Parking. I’m recommending to anyone and everyone to avoid this operation. They used to be on top of things; they used to make sense. Not anymore. I self-parked and instead of the shuttle arriving at my car for my lift to the airport, I had to haul my bags all the way up to the entrance- a much greater distance than the shuttle stands at the airport long-term parking. Oh, and I save a whopping .80 a day using Diamond. Wahoo.

Next week I’m going on a mission to discover all of the more economical means available for my next trip. Other lots? Hotels? Personal rides? TRAX?

And so to that drink. I checked into the Freddie Mercury Room at the Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff, Arizona. The place is a hoot. Very historic, old school charm. I love it. There are no weird smells or bugs. A few paint chips are fine.

I can’t wait to go exploring. The last time I was in Flagstaff was right before I moved to Park City. I was thinking of moving here after a TV station offered me a news job. Oh how different my path could have been!


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