Sugar For Lips

I’m out. My little tube of white velvet that I scored during Sundance Film Festival 2012 is depleted. I’ve been using Sugar Advanced Therapy from Fresh religiously in the morning and night for four months. The PR person called it an anti-aging lip treatment that’s supposed to nourish, plump, and smooth lip wrinkles. OK, I sure felt a difference in the state of my lips even if I never saw one.

I have handfuls of lip balms in every drawer of my home yet Sugar was the one I found myself using. The balm’s silkiness was pure heaven. It’s packed full of ultra-rich ingredients like Cupuacu Butter, Plum Seed Oil, Passionflower Seed Oil, Orange Extract (an antioxidant) and Sea Fennel. Plus, it comes in a stout metal cylinder that twists closed. No crushing or losing caps. It’s supposed to also have “Hyaluronic Filling Spheres” to plump lips but here’s where truth in advertising breaks down. I did not see lips any fuller using Sugar than I did with a regular tube of Chapstick.

Now comes the true test however. How much will I miss my little whistle wetter? I’ll probably have to work my way through my stash of alternative lip products before justifying a $25 purchase on a replacement tube but if you feel like splurging on your own Sugar Treatment, you won’t be disappointed.


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