A Last Hoorah! Big Storms Predicted For LCC

Just took a look at the forecast for tomorrow:

So my mind starts calculating. Maybe I get a room up in LCC tonight so I can ski freshies first thing in the morning and not get caught in the red snake up the Canyon? I call around. Wow. Now I’m depressed. Alta Lodge- $600 for two doubles; $400 for twins with a shower down the hall! But they do include breakfast and dinner. $300 for the Iron blossom- no meals. That advertised $99/pp at the Cliff? Riiight. Good luck trying to get that deal before April 1 and it’s not good on the weeknds. Sheez. I thought only airfares bend you over when you book last minute. But then a conversation with my friend Joni Dykstra at Alta Lodge puts the sitch in perspective. It’s going to snow 4-8″ today with the next storm not moving in until 5 a.m. tomorrow. The road should be fine in the morning. The day to consider crashing in the Canyon is Sunday, not tonight. With a day’s notice you can get a bunk at the Peruvian for $125 or $174 for one person ($258 for two) for an Alta Lodge room including breakfast and dinner.

I’m in. Ski Alta tomorrow during the dump and see if there’s a lockdown on Alta tomorrow night so that while everyone else is stuck waiting for the Canyon to open, I’m there for first chair. Please, pretty please!


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