SIA Snowshow 2012 Flashes More O’ The Same But Different

It’s 2012 and Denver not Vegas. As much as I would like to get over that fact, I’m still missing the Vegas party. It’s been three years since the move and the vibe still hasn’t escalated. At least the temps were about the same with a nice spring-like day greeting Day 1 retailers, media, athletes and manufacturers to the Snowsports Industry of America convention. One thing I can say about Denver as the host city is it’s easy to get around, the restaurants are less expensive, the hotels don’t smell like ashtrays and you won’t burn up your wallet at the craps table.

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s in store for 2012/13. It’s a lot of the same- bright colors, longer hems, rocker in the skis- but elements have been fine-tuned. Designers are combining fabrics in a way they never have before. For example, Skea’s leather down puffy or Sessions men’s jackets.

Hands down the cutest little girls’ stuff is coming from Obermeyer next season.

Next year’s styles are (mostly) fun, lively and (nearly) timeless. So what do you think of this O’Neill one piece? Ahead of its time or behind? Look for it on the hill before you decide.


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