Outdoor Footwear Turns Funky

Fall is officially here and the weather seems to be cooperating. It’s our last hoorah to hit those mountain trails while there’s still dirt on them. You gotta figure two, maybe three, more months and then ‘poof’. Everything’s white and you’re wearing insulated Gore-Tex and waterproof boots.

Until then, it’s all about the cross-training and pre-season ski conditioning so don’t wait to slip on one of these new fangled footwear creations and get cracking.

The Tecnica Diablo Max almost…almost… looks like a regular trail runner. But it’s this TRS Max technology that puts it in a league of its own. Stable, shock absorbing, and super cush, these shoes can go anywhere and your feet will feel like they’re encased in marshmallows. This is not a shoe for Tarahumarans. The wide sole and the oversized rocker profile help stabilize the foot on uneven terrain. Good news for those of us with weak ankles. $130.  http://www.tecnicausa.com/collection/outdoor

You, Dude, check out my bitchin’ Five Ten Karver skate shoes. But yo, Bro, they work sick seshes on my BMX and mountain bike. Take that you skinny bitches with your clipless pedals. This is so other world from a climbing shoe but they’re rocking the sticky Stealth S1 Rubber. I plant and my foot stays, Bra. For reals! Plus, they’re beefy and bulky so I know I’m cool when (if) I go endo. For dudes and betties. $135. http://fiveten.com/products/footwear-detail/10107-karver-smokey-blue

You say tomato, I say tomaaato. You can run in Vibram Five Fingers all you want but I’ll take a pair of flyweight Hoka’s over those feetkillers any day. The Hoka Mafate are the same used by ultra-runner Karl Meltzer and he’s posting impressive results. They’ve got to be some of the weirdest/ugliest trail runners on the market but we hear they can go 600 miles without disintegrating despite how light they feel on your foot. Tons of cushioning, a wide platform and some serious rocker will have you planting each stride with confidence. $170. http://www.hokaoneone.com/

When you’re headed south for some rafting or canyoneering don’t forget to pack the Chaco Ponsul Bulloo river shoes. The quickdry poly canvas upper is brushed on the inside so it feels soft around your foot whether you wear socks, and the removable ChaPU footbed feels cush under your foot. The Keen-like rubber toe protects from rocks and other pointy objects and the Vibram Idrogrip sticky rubber sole works in and out of the water. Not to mention how cool they look on your feet. FYI- they run about a half size big. $120, http://www.chacos.com/*Not in stores until Mar. 1.

Time to chill. Slap on a pair of Teva Mush Frio Ballerina Mesh shoes for both comfort and steeze. They
weigh in at 3.4 ounces! They’re collapsible and packable, making these slipons the perfect choice for those TSA checks, trips to the yoga studio or driving home from a run. They’re surprisingly warm given their weight but the antimicrobial mesh lining will keep sweaty feet from stinking. The men’s version has laces. $45.


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