A little about me…

I’ve known about Frank Garrish’s acting class for years but have always been hesitant to enroll. He’s scary- or so I’ve been told. He’ll make you cry. He doesn’t hold back. It’s not that I can’t take the criticism but I’m hardest on myself so when I hear from someone else that I’m not measuring up, I double that criticism and get discouraged. The last thing you want to be in acting is discouraged.
I’ve been at it for as long as I could control my own life. My parents refused to drive me to auditions or pick me up from play rehearsals so I had to wait. I combined my ability to write with my interests in media and – no- I did not become a screenwriter but a broadcast journalist. You know those people you see on TV telling you the news every night? I did that.- at KSPN in Aspen, Colo. and at KUTV in Salt Lake City. Then I was laid off. So I addressed another passion. Skiing. I joined Deer Valley’s Ski School and taught skiing to all ages and abilities. I have been skiing all my life- including a stint as a racer in college at UCLA. Came in 7th in slalom out of 36th. Not bad but my dad says if I don’t win, it’s not anything. See where I’m going with this? He poo poos acting too- If you don’t get a role, it’s not anything.
I absolutely love acting and the training of an actor. I have studied with practically everyone in Utah- Anne Sward, Geoff Hansen, Jeff Johnson, Catrine, Kate, Judy, Molly Benson and anyone else who sounds like they have something to offer. Not because I think they’re going to win me a roll but because I can practice with my peers, grow as an actor and ‘disappear’ for moments into others’ skin. If I make it past the audition and into a callback, bonus!
I’m SAG eligible. Got my card after five days as a featured extra on Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman. I had spent the summer in LA working for a talent agent at ICM (who’s now president of Warner Bros.) and did the stint on the Dr. Quinn set. I moved back to Utah and scored more roles – Promised Land, Touched, I was the soccer coach in Return to the Secret Garden and have three national infomercials to be (not so) proud of. I’ve done a handful of short films and if you asked what I dream of when it comes to acting it would be to star in a (good) independent that wins raves at Sundance. I have no desire to move back to LA. Ick. I have a strong freelance writing career, an adorable 3yo, a hot, loving boyfriend (her daddy), a great home in Park City and I ski 70 days a season. Why would I want to give that up?
To be honest, I want to nail more callbacks. I’m hoping Frank’s class will advance that goal. Please, Frank, don’t make me cry too much.
Update: Frank’s not so scary at all! We did some Meisnerish type things that got you out of your head, talked about acting technique and started to work a short scene we’ll do next week. As I was leaving he told me “You did good! And you listen, that’s important.” It felt like my dad had just told me he was proud of me.


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