I Won!

YUP. I was right. A good win (or three) definitely makes a difference. I’m happy- no, ecstatic- tonight. Just got home from the Mountain Town Stages benefit $287 lighter and two glasses of wine drunker. Great night. But my $10 in raffle tickets netted me $25 to El Chubasco, $10 to Granny’s Drive-in, $5 to Kneaders. I won $500 in house painting for $125, $110 in dog poop removal for $47, $700 in headshots (includes makeup and stylist, 4 looks and 3 locations) for $80, and $267 in bike tuning, tanning, and 3-month membership to Park City Racquet Club for $25. Can you say “SCORE”??? Anyone want 5 tanning bed sessions? 😉
This evening simply capped off one of those killer Saturdays. Dropped Sage with a sitter, shared coffee and morning sex with Ryan at 10 a.m., picked up Sage and let her play in the bounce houses at Brighton for their end of season Beach Bash before cruising to the Benefit. Ah, the perfect spring weekend. Tomorrow we close out Park City Mountain Resort with Sage on the slopes and a spin on the Alpine Coaster before grazing the tailgaters in the First Time parking lot. You can count on them blossoming everywhere after noon. And so another season at Park City comes to a close.


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